Policies & Disclaimers


We will personally greet each customer and guide him or her through the selection process. To ensure accuracy, a information sheet will be filled out gathering all pertinent information. Once the selection has been made, we will have the client sign off on the size, finish and quantity so it may be placed on hold.

Client selections are treated with the highest regards to professionalism, care, and diligence. We acknowledge that we will be representing your business and yourself, to your client. We take pride and honor in our work, and are conscientious of this task.


Hold periods are up to three business days without a deposit. If the three day time period expires, we will proceed to contact you and verify your order. If a deposit is made, we can hold the material for 14 days. Fifty percent of the cost of the material is required as a deposit.


Once an order has been verified, we will require a purchase order for the selected material(s) via email. Purchase orders must reflect: quantity, size, finish and price of materials being purchased. The purchase order will be verified and emailed back. Your sales consultant will help schedule pick up or delivery at your convenience.


Products will ship to your facility or the jobsite within three business days. You may pick up the material 24 hours after your order has been processed, provided it is in stock. We coordinate with many carriers for local deliveries to cross-country. Shipment price varies by mileage and quantity & all deliveries are freight collect.


We will provide sample boards and single 4×4 or samples for your customers, at our cost. For full size samples, please contact your representative to make arrangements. We will honor all requests in the shortest time frame possible to better assist you with your client(s). All that we ask is that you provide shipping costs.


We can fulfill special orders from custom sizes to unique finishes. Special orders ship from one of our factories around the world. Our orders from the Philippines typically require 60-90 days to arrive. Spain requires 30-60 days. Placing a special order requires a fifty percent deposit with the balance due before delivery of the material.


Customers must notify a Shellstone Imports consultant within twenty-four hours of delivery or pick-up. Returns will be reviewed & charged a re-stocking fee.

Any purchased materials are to be inspected by the customer before delivery or pick-up. All delivered or picked-up sales are final and may not be returned nor refunded under any condition


Your sales consultant is available to accommodate you and your customers for sample requests, pricing, stone selection, special orders, delivery, payment, and any additional request you may have. Our representatives are here to make your experience as convenient as possible. We acknowledge the value of re-occurring sales from loyal customers, striving to strengthen these relationships every day.


As Shellstone Imports receives new products, your representative will contact you in regards to size, finish, pricing, and samples.


Payments are accepted through check or credit card. Terms are negotiable & can be extended to established accounts. Special orders are not subject to terms (see special orders).


Shellstone Imports offers the convenience of credit card payments. You may make such a payment in person, on-line, and over the phone. For phone orders, we will email you a credit card authorization form for you to fill in the required information. Upon completion, email the authorization form back and we will process your request. Once the credit authorization is confirmed, we will be able to release materials and schedule a pick-up or delivery. Please note we do not accept American Express cards.


Customers paying by check must submit payment for the materials to be released. 

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