Ibiza White
Light Color with White Shells
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Marbella Shellstone
Cool in the Sun. Non-Slip. Sandy Color.
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Welcome to Shellstone Imports, where innovation meets quality. In 1991, we stepped into the industry by introducing Marbella Shellstone, and in the decades since, we’ve gathered and refined a line of exclusive stones that outperform the competition in appearance and ability.

We work closely with the job, from planning your custom pieces all the way through the process until the material is received safely on site, catering directly to architects, designers, builders, and end users.

Our Services

At Shellstone Imports, we make your projects our own, ensuring our clients benefit from our expertise from start to finish.

Layout Assitance

Send us your plans. We will go over each minor detail of your project, allowing you to decide which type of trim piece will best accommodate every bend, corner or elevation change.

Custom Factory Production

Our factories employ advanced technologies in conjunction with classical artistry to carve stone into any shape. Even if you're not carving a statue for your home, this ability means we can cut the exact sizes you need to do things like space grout joints evenly.

Jobsite Delivery

Delivering orders from a single crate to multiple truckloads is what we offer to every project, anywhere in the country. With sturdily reinforced crates, getting the stone to you safely in its intended condition is our priority.

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